In an economy increasingly dependent on the data we generate, it is surely immoral, and I would argue uneconomic, to sanction the insights which can be derived from that asset as somebody else’s private property. And yet that is what we do. The gross inequality which results from this is…

It’s time our technology platforms served a greater purpose.

It is in energy’s nature to rearrange itself. Like a team of tumbling acrobats, energy transforms itself into increasingly complex arrangements which eventually exceed the acrobatics required to support them. Complexity and density increases, so does entropy; we all fall down.

The fundamental problem with consumer platforms is that they are too good at what they do, revealing a critical flaw in their design, and an important opportunity.

Consumer platforms, as currently designed, increase the wealth of the 1% by increasing the consumption of the 99%. …

The incorporation of division.

We are at a fork in the road. The technology built to unite us, divides us. We find ourselves forced to question our trust in each other, in our country, and in corporations. And there’s the rub, incorporation.

Incorporation is a legal algorithm which enables concentration…

Jesus in algorithm.

I am not a religious person. I do believe that Jesus existed. He saw patterns and relationships beyond those of others.

I believe that Jesus inspired love and devotion. He also knew that his choices would get him killed.

When asked to share more about the god…

A nationwide ESG COVID Recovery Bond program can raise the odds of a sustainable recovery

Right now, as a country, America is not just failing a historic test of leadership, it is failing a test of imagination.

The first stimulus act of $2 trillion was an important, if incomplete step…

Stephen Coller

Father, American, Radiohead

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